As the vocalist/songwriter of the Indie-Rock band Teskohippies, Slovak artist Bohus Michalko is excited to begin an all-new adventure in his music-career, and announce a solo project he’s officially calling Echoofmyvoice. Built on a foundation of crossover sound, stylistic melodies, and hybrid combinations that include inspirations from Pop, House, EDM and more – Echoofmyvoice is the sound of pure passion at its finest.

Making music that fully connects to the hearts & minds of those who listen, powerfully emotional songs, and bold imagination found in Echoofmyvoice reflect the relentless dedication and care that Bohus brings to every moment. The debut single, “Light Years Away”, marks the beginning of the next chapter in this extraordinary journey.

His emotive music is designed to reflect his life and personality as well as his passion for the process of creation. He never stops pursuing his artistic vision and is deeply committed to his life as a musician.

“I simply love music. So I keep going” he says, displaying his willingness to accept the ups and downs of a life in music without losing his desire to play, write, and perform. Echoofmyvoice is the next step of this evolution and is one of the most interesting acts currently emerging on the scene. Stoked to bring his own brand of sincere & humble, raw & honest, unfiltered thoughts & heartfelt melodies to the people in a completely different style than they’ve heard from him to-date – Echoofmyvoice promises to bring unique listening experience you can’t find anywhere else.